Fall '19 Leagues

Program Information

Xtreme Hockey Leagues consist of two (2), ten (10) game “terms” from October-December and January-March of any given year

Teams usually have between nine (9) to twelve (12) players, and one (1) goaltender. However, this number is subject to change depending on the volume of players at each position.

Benefits for goaltenders to do this program:

  • Shots in game situations.
  • A chance to apply the fundamentals taught in goalie sessions and power skating to games.
  • The opportunity to improve!

The program costs $368.00 taxes included if you are registering for individual programs. However, all leagues are covered under the Goalie Yearly Program cost. For more information on the Goalie Yearly Program, click on the 'Yearly Programs' tab.

For More Information: Contact Marek Benda (709-725-7785, goalies@xhockey.ca)