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Toronto Maple Leaf fans living on the Avalon Peninsula had a snow day to digest a huge trade made by their favourite team yesterday. The Leafs sent star defenceman and captain Dion Phaneuf up the 401 to Ottawa, in exchange for a bevvy of players. The whacky thing about the 9 player deal was that two #xhockeyalums were components of the swap; Colin Greening, and Cody Donaghey. Greening had fallen out of favour with Sens coach Dave Cameron, and was playing in Binghampton with the baby Sens. Donaghey, a former QMJHL first round pick who has moved around a lot during his CHL tenure, impressed Leafs brass enough to sign him to a contract after rookie camp in 2014. Personally, I think that this trade works well for Greening. The Leafs are one of the NHL's worst teams, and will more than likely give him the opportunity to play every day in "the 6". Greening's contract expires after the 2016-17 season; with some additional playing time, "Baby G" might be able to sign on with an NHL team looking for some size and strength on the wing......

Xtreme Hockey will be hosting a "Tot Skate" starting on Tuesday, February 23rd. For more information on the program, please click the link right here http://www.xhockey.ca/post.php?s=2016-02-05-xtreme... . This will be a great time, and would strongly advise that people with young children try this out. This is not a program exclusive to Xtreme Hockey members either; anyone can participate, as long as you have the right equipment!

The Novice Minor League has expanded to 5 teams, and is quite the riot to watch live. If you're looking for some free entertainment on Sunday afternoons, stop in to the Capital Hyundai Arena around 2 pm!

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