Xtreme Hockey would like to thank the following groups and individuals for making 2015-16 a special year on and off the ice:

- League co-ordinators (Steve Kavanagh in Novice Minor, Pat and Gerard Barrrington in Novice Major, John Barrington in Atom, Ray Walsh in Peewee Minor, and Mike Summers in Peewee Major). Without our league co-ordinators, two line does not run nearly as smooth! Thanks guys!

- Our customers! Thanks to you guys, Xtreme had its largest Spring Power Skating to date, and had excellent numbers in all of its programs throughout the year. Thank you for choosing us!

- Our staff! Xtreme cannot run hockey programs without great staff. Thank you to all of the guys and girls who did their best to mold and shape the next generation of hockey players!

- Thank you to all of our travel team managers for doing such a great job over the past 6 weeks (Philip Martin in 2003, Dawn Bishop 04, Trina Roche 05, Nadine Hawkins 06 AA, Kim Quinlan 06 AAA, Sharon Ryan 07, Denise Fleet 08, Natalie Lee Female U12). From team flags to organizing team dinners to team bowling, you guys have been awesome! This year, Xtreme has had the most amount of travel teams since 2010 and we could not do this efficiently without great people around us.

- Thank you to any parent who helped out with opening gates for two line in the Fall and Winter terms, especially in the Novice divisions. Your efforts do not go unnoticed!

- Special thank you's to our Sunday morning shooters (Mackenzie Cahill, Catherine Summers, Anna Barrington, Conor Ryan) for helping out with the Goaltender program! You guys are one of the many reasons why Xtreme had more goaltenders in its Goalie Sessions program than any previous year! Keep up the good work guys.

See You All Soon,

Xtreme Hockey