AP's Coaches Blog; Election Day

Photo above: Donald Trump showing the audience how short his fuse is.

Happy "Election Day" to all of my American friends, as well as anyone who is following the 2016 Presidential Election around the world. My two cents on this years election; the American government must be punking us, because Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can't actually be the two options to run the most powerful and prestigious country on planet earth. No way, no how.

If I was an American citizen, I don't think that I would be confident in scribbling down Clinton or Trump at the ballots tomorrow. That being said, I feel that Hillary is the lesser of the two evils here. I do not claim to know everything about politics, or all of the deep, dark secrets of each candidate. But I feel that Hillary Clinton's experience in office makes her more qualified for the position, and seems to be a great deal less volatile than "the Donald". Trump, to me, could fall under the broader definition of 'sociopath'. While I like some of his thoughts (keep manufacturing in-house as best you can, bring back the dying middle class), he is a whirling dirvish of a human being who could actually start a war at any given time. Trump is a guy who could restrict Canadian access to America because Canada is a country with a lot of diversity, which means that Canada has a lot of Muslims. Donald Trump wants Caucasian Americans in his country (preferably thin males, lol). I feel that if Donald Trump gets in as the President of the United States of America (I can't believe I just said his name and that position in the same sentence), the country will be fine UNTIL adversity is thrown Trump's way (Adversity could be in the form of a subtle hairpiece joke from a UN leader). Once adversity hits, Trump could say or do something so irrational that the Uncle Sam "We Want YOU!" posters will be being mass-produced and stapled to every telephone pole in the USA looking for soldiers. This is not a joke, America. Donald Trump CANNOT, under any circumstance, be the next president. In an election where neither candidate moves the excitement or confidence needle, Clinton is the best of the bad choices. I was ready for the first African-American president, and now I'm ready for the first female president. Side note: Go look at the Obama's economic success indicators... he didn't do that bad of a job (US stock index increases, GNP, industrial production, job increases).

Now, back to hockey.......

I referee'd the Atom League on Saturday, and "oh my gosh! Jacob Coish!" really impressed me. Am I claiming that he's ready to unseat some of the top players in the Atom League? No, sir. But Coish has really, really improved since the summer and did some damage in the Saturday game with sidekicks Landon Halbot and Cohen Ryan. Coish has gotten bigger, faster, and is starting to understand the fundamentals of positional play. Good job, Jacob!

The Xtreme Women's Hockey League (XWHL) has gotten faster! There are so many young players in the league right now who can really fly around out there. That being said, the best of the bunch (outside of Peggy Wakeham) has to be Emily Bailey. Bailey leads the league in goals by a wide margin, and is definitely playing in the wrong league, in the wrong province. Bailey is a 19 year old who is either a true late bloomer, or just a case of not being seen enough (Bailey is from Bonavista). There is absolutely no reason in my mind why Bailey cannot lace 'em up at the NCAA Division I level next September. The talent is most definitely there...Bailey can wheel, snipe, compete, and move the puck at a collegiate level.

I had the chance to take in the Atom A game between the Avalon Celtics (my pick to win it all in 2016-17) and St. John's. While I have taken lots of heat for my selection from parents (all in good fun), I hope that the game between the Caps and Celtics is an indicator of what's to come for this league. What a game! Avalon took a 2-0 lead in the first period, but the Caps roared back with 3 unanswered to win 3-2. Seeing all 5 goals scored by players who attend X Hockey was a bonus, and the goaltending (especially for St. John's, as I thought Avalon outplayed the Caps) was spectacular. Well done Kir-bius and JCB02 JR-JR (Scott Kirby and Jack Barrington, for those of you scoring at home).

Until Next Time,