AP's Coaches Blog; The Power of Positivity

Folks, I ain't gettin' into self-help with this blog or anything like that. But I will say that people gotta focus more on the positives in the hockey world over the past little while! Lets dive in, head first.

The World Junior Championship final between Canada and the USA could have been described as "fantastic" , "incredible", or with just about any superlative in the English dictionary. But when I logged on to Facebook the following day, all I saw was complaints about the shootout deciding the game! Lets focus on the positives here folks - the final game featured a breakneck pace, highlight-reel goals, and a level of competitiveness that only two countries who do not like one another can achieve. The winner of that game was not the United States; it was the hockey community at large. While the outcome of the contest put sad faces on roughly 34 million Canadian hockey fans, an impartial viewer (myself) enjoyed the game for what it was - an awesome showcase of skill, will, and development.

The Xtreme Female-Only Power Skating is the best hour of my week. I gotta give our females a lot of credit - they listen to instruction well, they always have smiles on their faces, and they are all improving a great deal! For more information on the Female PS program, please give me a shout at ap@xhockey.ca .

Two players named Jack - Jack Byer (Xtreme Peewee League) and Jack Turpin (Atom League) had strong weekends. Byer is a player who is rapidly improving - for some players, the light doesn't switch on until later in life, and in Byer's case, this seems to be what is happening. Jack is a smart hockey player who was making great passes on Sunday evening - way to go fella. The other Jack (Turpin) was responsible for keeping his squad (the Avalanche) in the game vs the powerful Oilers squad on Saturday. Turpin is currently playing Atom A with Paradise, and has the coolest goalie mask I have seen in a while (Chelsea FC fans would love it even more!).

I also have to give a shout out to Ethan Best (Atom League goalie). Ethan stood on his head in Week 1 of the Atom League, and so did his crease mate Kade Kingsley. Allowing only 2 goals in a game of two line is pretty impressive - way to go gents! Both goalies saw more rubber than the TCH (with and without a sinkhole).

Congrats to the TriCom Bantam AAA team for reaching the Semi-Finals of the Halegonian Tournament this past week in Halifax, NS. TriCom, in my opinion, have the most talented team in Bantam AAA hockey and if they can string it all together come playoff time, I could see them making a run for the Provincial Bantam AAA crown. The big 'if' is if they can string it all together...

My prediction on Austin Matthews being the Rookie of the Year back in October is gonna be spot on (pats himself on back, Barry Horowitz style). However, I was wrong on Mitch Marner. Kids got some game!

Look for Xtreme to be promoting a new X Hockey attire line in the Spring.... look for some hoodies, tuques, pants, and potentially some seasonal items such as performance wear. Stay tuned.

We would also like to thank some of our new arena sponsors - Domino's (https://www.dominos.ca), and the Podiatry Associates (http://www.doyourfeethurt.ca/podiatry/) . After you play a game in your new custom skate orthotics, head to Domino's and grab a Large, 4-topping Pizza for $11.99 + HST.

Until Next Time,