AP's Coaches Blog; Showing Some Love

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Even though Valentine's Day has come and gone, there is still lots of luv to go around (to #xhockeyplayers). Time to put fingers to keyboard.

Sticking to a Valentine's theme - 2008 forward Liam Rose's on-ice play has been very deserving of a 'rose', so to speak (referencing 'The Bachelor' here, but have never seen 30 seconds of the show). Rose has tremendous vision, an accurate shot, and has been lighting up the Xtreme Novice Major League with running mate Nathan Crane in recent weeks. Look for Liam to be an effective player with the Northeast Eagles Novice Select team at the end of March!

The Xtreme Hockey 2009 Spring Travel Team will have some 'international love' (insert Chris Brown RnB background music) this year - forward Liam Power from St. Louis, Missouri USA will be joining the 09's in Toronto May 5-7. Welcome aboard, Liam!

Don't 'fall in love' with the upcoming hockey offseason just yet - X Hockey's Spring 2017 Power Skating is just around the corner! Sign up right here http://www.xhockey.ca/registernow/registernow-pska... , and if you're not sure which group that you belong in, fire up the e-mail and send a note over to ap@xhockey.ca . Unlike Newfoundland winters, my response times are not 10 months long.

With the youngest Pearcey sibling on the shelf due to injury, I have been thrust into Novice Minor League duty over the past few weeks. To be honest, I'm not sure who is having more fun out there - the kids, or yours truly! Not only are there a few young superstars in that group, but there are some real entertaining characters that might some day star on Comedy Central. Price-less (How can you not chuckle at a kid who spends a full 2 minute shift looking up at the roof and screaming like a dragon?!)

I have to show some love to whoever runs the djhl.ca web site.... The Don's web site does exactly what a hockey league web site should do - it informs the general public, is up-to-date, and is simple to navigate. AP is a fan!

Congratulations to the TriCom Peewee AAA Thunder on their most recent league championship. TriCom have a dangerous group of players, led by defenceman Liam Marshall. I have always thought a lot of Liam - he was very coachable when he attended Xtreme, and his success is very deserving.

I will be attending my first live senior hockey game since I retired tomorrow night at the Jack Byrne Arena! I am rather excited to watch some of my former team mates battle it out to see who moves on to play CBN in the AESHL finals. Northeast vs Southern Shore, should be a great game 7 (aren't all game 7's great?). Good luck to Northeast Eagles defenceman and #xhockeystaff Jeremy Kavanagh!

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