Power Skating Overview; 2018-19


Capital Hyundai Arena, Pennywell Road, St. John’s, NL and Jack Byrne Arena, Torbay (some Pre-Season sessions are held @ Torbay, but not many).

When (terms):

Winter (January-February), Spring (March-April), Pre-Season (September-October), Fall (November-December)

Number of Sessions Per Term:

8 (once per week during all terms except for pre-season, where there may be multiple sessions per week)

Number of Sessions Offered:

14 [Silver Beginner/IP (2), Silver Novice (2), Silver Atom/Peewee (2), Defence Specialty (2), Platinum Novice (1), Platinum Atom (1), Platinum Peewee (1), Platinum Edgework (1), Female (2)]. Number of groupings are subject to change, depending on registration numbers**

Offered To:

Players (skaters) and goaltenders.


Improved skating technique, improved conditioning, qualified instruction, skill-specific drills, improved balance, having FUN!

How to Register:

To find out which group is best for you to register for, please go here http://www.xhockey.ca/post.php?s=2018-05-15-2018-1...

If you know which group is right for you, please click here http://www.xhockey.ca/registernow/registernow-pska...


The price of an 8 session Power Skating term is $249.55 taxes included for players and $368 taxes included for goaltenders. Prices will be pro-rated as the term continues. Please contact ap@xhockey.ca about pro-rated pricing if you wish to register during a term.

For goaltending registation, please contact goalies@xhockey.ca for appropriate group placement.

Cancellation Policy:

Xtreme Hockey does not give out monetary refunds unless there is an extenuating circumstance. In-house credit only. For more information, please contact ap@xhockey.ca