Pre Season 2019 Power Skating Registration (September-October)

Registration for the pre-season term is now closed. If you wish to register for the few classes that do remain on the schedule, please contact and he will set you up with a pro-rated price.


Fall 2019 Power Skating Registration

Silver Beginner/Squirt Group 1 (Monday's @ 530 pm) Skaters Register
Silver Beginner/Squirt Group 2 (Tuesday's @ 530 pm) Skaters Register
Silver Novice Group 1 (Monday's @ 630 pm) Skaters Register
Silver Novice Group 2 (Tuesday's @ 630 pm) Skaters Register
Silver Atom/Peewee (Monday's @ 730 pm) Skaters Register
Platinum Atom II (2009; Saturday's @ 11 am) Skaters Register
Silver Female (Wednesday's @ 630 pm) Skaters Register
Platinum Novice (Wednesday's @ 530 pm) Skaters Register
Platinum Atom I (2010; Saturday's @ Noon) Skaters Register
Platinum Peewee (Saturday's @ 9 am) Skaters Register
Platinum Bantam I 2006 (Sunday's @ 7 pm) Skaters Register
Platinum Bantam II/Midget 2005/2004 (Sunday's @ 6 pm) Skaters Register
Platinum Defence 2007/2008 (Saturday's @ 10 am) Skaters Register
Platinum Female 2002-2007 (Thursday's @ 8 pm) Skaters Register

Select your group and follow the prompts to register - for explanation of groupings, please click here . Start date for these classes is the weekend of Nov 2! Classes run until Christmas.

If you are a beginner goalie, please register as a 'skater' for Silver Beginner/Squirt groups


*** Please follow our social media pages for updates, photos and cancellation reminders! and