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4 Pro, 4 NCAA and 2 QMJHL players today with some Future Xtreme NHLers! Working out with the best skills coach in NL, Paul Dagg ๐Ÿ‘ #whosnext


That's three NL players to go in the first round IN THREE YEARS. All @Xhockey and @AMcKim11 trained. Just another corner of talent in NL. Well done. @NTVNewsNL @CBCNL @StJohnsTelegram @VOCMNEWS

Congratulations Zach

Xtreme Hockey@Xhockey

Xtreme has produced 3 NHL first rounders in 3 years โ€ฆ Congrats @zachdean1414 #whosnext ๐Ÿ‘

Alex Newhook, Dawson Mercer , Zach Dean โ€ฆ.next Ryan Greene @Xhockey @TSN_Sports @SNKenReid @TSNBobMcKenzie Not bad for NL hockey program !!